Carve It’s schematics documents (on paper, only).
"Carve It"’s original printed books from Pioneer contain approx. 250 schematics vintage components.  The schematics are partially overlapped in terms of content, and therefore partially made redundant, by the Main scans as well as the scans in Tri-Comp’s database.
Please note that Carve It’s schematics are not scanned - they are currently on paper, only. Carve It has generously offered to scan any documents on request, but before you do so, please check if the scan you need is already available either from the main scan web site or from Tri-Comp's database (both are linked to from above): There are likely to be many paper scans in Carve It's books that are already scanned and available elsewhere on our site, and we don't want to ask him to do redundant work.
Thanks to Carve It!