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For further developments and discussions on these databases, please follow this link to Tapeheads.net.  Click on  “Register”.  Once registered, log in and go to the main forum page from where you will now have access to Njord Noatun’s databases.
You have arrived at the Pioneer Scan Databases.  Click the above link and you will find numerous scans of owners’ and service manuals, as well as some brochures, reviews and schematics for vintage (mostly silver faced) Pioneer stereo components.
These resources used to be available to members at Audiokarma.  To find out why they no longer are, please read here.
The scan database are divided into five sections:
1)  Main scan page (~500 scans)
2)  Tri-Comp’s Scans (~1,000 scans)
3)  Pioneer Component Database (by Doc) - 4,000 components
4)  Carve it’s Schematics (by Carve it) (~250 documents)
5)  Other Pioneer Resources (by Dr. Strangelove)
6)  Scanning instructions (by Tri-Comp)
Make sure you look in all three databases (in the above order) for the scan(s) you need.  Also, please note that Pioneer “re-used” some model numbers on some later products:  If the scan you find here for “your” model does not tally with your actual unit, it may be that the same number has been used twice for these components.   To learn about model number changes, and anything else Pioneer related, please follow the links from the “Other Pioneer resources” page.
Our intention for this web site for this site to develop it into a depository of such scans, with contributions from other enthusiasts.   If you have scans that you would like to offer on this site, email the scan or the link to us, and we will post it here and give you credit.
For other audio sites established and maintained by Njord Noatun, follow this link.
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All photos by Njord Noatun.  Reuse for personal, non commercial uses explicitly permitted.  Commercial uses, including auction uses, are not permitted.